Back Where My Heart Belongs

After 4 and a half long months in the USA I am officially back in Costa Rica. I have lived here well over 2 years and this was my first visit back home to see family. I didn’t know what to expect coming back. It happened pretty quickly, I went to the USA on a one-way ticket with the intention of staying maybe a month or two, but one thing lead to another and there I was 4 months later still living the “American Dream.” I was working odd jobs here and there, bouncing from one family members house to the next. Saving whatever penny I could.

Throughout my whole trip in the states I missed Costa Rica, I think mainly because my whole life has been here for so long. An apartment, a dog, boyfriend, a job, friends, you name it. I felt so out of place being back in the United States. I just spent over 2 years out of the country, but so much was the same. I found myself saying “well in Costa Rica we…” or “in Costa Rica I used to…” I actually annoyed myself by how much I would talk about it so I can’t imagine how other people were starting to feel after hearing all of my CR stories. But how could I stop? I just spent the best almost 3 years of my life traveling  and doing incredible things in a beautiful foreign county. That’s all I wanted to talk about.

That is when I realized 100% where my heart belongs and where it doesn’t. It doesn’t belong in some town with rows of the same chain restaurants you can find anywhere or 15  big box stores. It doesn’t belong on the busy roads trying to beat rush hour traffic. It definitely doesn’t belong anywhere cold. It belongs in the jungle, in the rain forest, on the beach. It is meant to roimg_20151111_090552am.

I finally felt ready (financially, mentally, emotionally) to book my tickets back to this paradise. The last bit of my trip was a blur. Packing, buying last minute necessities, saying goodbye to my family. But a 5 hour drive to the airport, two 3 hour flights, a 4 hour a bus ride and here I am! Sitting in the green Costa Rican mountains.

It feels good. And different. A little overwhelming. But it feels like home!


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